about Lis...

From the hot valley of Sacramento, CA, playing violin was on Lis' agenda since she was 3-years old.  She persisted, and there her life-long love of music making started and continues to this day.  She grew up in the classical music tradition but when she reached her late teens, she sought new ways of playing and therefore discovered traditional styles of fiddling - Old-Time, Bluegrass, Cajun, Balkan, etc. 

Folk music became the way she expressed herself on her instrument.

Lis then decided to move to Boston with her fox dog.  She earned her Bachelors of Music at Berklee College of Music - where she studied jazz violin, as well as Contemporary Writing & Production, which honed her composition and arranging skills.

In Boston, she performed with an Boston-based music troupe called Cirkestra, lead by Peter Bufano.  Cirkestra was a "circus pit-band that ran away to join the world"!  She recorded on the album "The Hairless Woman".  Lis toured parts of the United States with Cirkestra, performing numerous shows in and out of the circus setting - including performances at The Kennedy Center, The Seattle Art Museum, and The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston (which was her favorite place to play because it is her most favorite museum in the whole world!)  

Lis spent some years delving into composition and worked for several film composers in the Los Angeles area, such as Richard Gibbs, Carlos José Alvarez and Philip Giffin.  However, she always found herself (and her fiddle) on the other side of the microphone, recording demos and cues for her film scoring mentors.  Her violin playing appears in Of Mind and Music, scored by Alvarez.  

  She made the move back to her home state of California, where she loves living in a mini apartment on a little street in a little neighborhood in a BIG town.  Lis performs with LA based folk bands, such as The Battlefield.  She plays private (and public) events as a violinist in whichever conjugation that is presented.  She loves finding new ways to collaborate and create. 

She also teaches early childhood and elementary music, for an internationally recognized leader in music education, Lynn Kleiner

Gratitude is mainly what she feels for the musical life she has lived so far and is excited for what's to come! 

In Lis' precious free time, she most certainly is drinking coffee, learning new fiddle skills, propagating succulents, picking flowers while walking alleyways with her dog and practicing yoga!